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Always Changing: What is P2PU Today?

Someone asked me to explain P2PU and School of Webcraft in an email. My description is always changing, this is what I came up with today:

P2PU is a community for learning about anything with peers. Right now we’re focused on online learning groups (courses, study groups, book clubs, etc) but are definitely keen on facilitating communities in the real world.

We’re breaking the traditional model of top down (teachers / students) learning and making it simple to learn from each other. Aside from making learning from peers easy, we want to help members track and share their progress as well as motivate them to continue.

We’re even working on new forms of acknowledging skills. For the School of Webcraft we’ve partnered with Mozilla, a leader in web technology, to map web developer skills and provide competency based assessment. School of Webcraft is the first partnership of many that will leverage industry based brand recognition and trust to give value to credentials earned from peers at P2PU.