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International Couch Surfing Day 2008 - Beijing China

Last week Couch Surfers (from around the world) gathered in Beijing, China at Beihai Park (北海公园) to celebrate International Couch Surfing Day. Although the weather was sub-optimal at first, we had a pretty strong turnout. We met at noon for a potluck picnic in the Long Corridor. We spent the afternoon chatting about travel, life, philosophy, trust, Couch Surfing, Beijing, and more. After the picnic we made a "Got Couch?" poster and took some photos around the park. My favorite group shot was taken by Alain at the White Pagoda. We spend the rest of our time in the park tossing around a football and playing Jianzi (毽子). After the park we went to a Mexican restaurant in Sanlitun (三里屯) for dinner. People came and went throughout the day, all in all we had 18 people attend.

If you have any photos from this event, please

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Check out my photos and the photos by others.

Attendees (in no particular order):

Pete Paul Sara Nicole John Trevor Chao Alain Mel Motegi Sunflower Katrina & Daniel Ines Marc Nick Colvin Jenny