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HDR - Canon G9 Auto-Bracketing, First Attempt

I recently purchased a Canon PowerShot G9 digital camera. It has quite a few more features than my previous camera (Canon SD300) at the cost of a somewhat larger size. Features worth mentioning: RAW support, jog dial interface, quick startup time, 12.1MP, RAW+JPG shooting mode, and auto-bracketing. So far I’ve only come across one minor drawback, you can’t save RAW images in AUTO mode.

Over the weekend Olivia and I took a walk up to Prospect Park to enjoy the beautiful weather and take a first stab at High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging. I’m not a digital photography expert, but after some research I had an idea of what to do.

Using the auto-bracketing feature on my shiny new G9 I took three shots in succession at different shutter speeds:

After a little Photoshop magic:

Overall I’m satisfied with the outcome of my attempt. If you view the high-res version you will notice that the photo is quite blurry. This is most definitely because I shot it without a tripod.